Friday, December 21, 2007

More Blart

Felix Vallatton, The Church of Souain, 1917

Angela Dufresne, Me and Bruce Lee and another famous yet un-nameable man on the shore in front of an unmade building by Frank Lloyd Wright called the Donahue Triptych, 2004

Mark Bradford, Scorched Earth, 2006

Pleasant dying arches to find your lack of way in.


Mountain Man said...

Hey! My new peg leg is growing in. It is encrusted with schnitzel for the holidays. Plus I have shoved alarming amounts of turtle wax up my fundament in celebration of new life.

The Capt'n said...


Mountain Man said...

Bonjour Capt'n! It has been some time, has it not. Since we've communed. I was thinking we should fake stab ourselves in order to meet up in purgatory for a temporary dinner date. Of course we will be able to return to real life when we are finished with dessert (of your choosing).

Hope you are well. May the tapeworm be with you this holiday season.

The Capt'n said...

Thanks, MM, yes the tapeworm is treating me well, helps me keep my girlish figure and ego in check. Can we drink beer from your leg in purgatory? I think it will expedite your healing process.
Hope you're well, too.

USB said...

Dear MM:
Happy holidays..countdown....5, 4,3,2...blastoff! Insanity still 'reins' at desktop. Clients still calling...Madly processing paper to dump on others desks (Happy Holidays - and can I get that by January 2nd, please?).
Glad to hear your pegleg is operational. Not sure about the turtlewax..understand need to be buffed up to a fine gloss for the p'rents, but internally? Trying to prevent intestinal overload? something worth considering.
love the arches..and the buildings..Amusing to visualize the interiors..perhaps with some shallow streams to break up the rooms? Need nifty umbrella stands for the damp trek between living spaces? Okay, so i'm thinking a bit too literally. Habit.
Maybe we can brighten up an interior with some damask wallcovering - gold maybe?
Right... we're to be moveing on with life, not revisiting the familiar...? Looking forward to seein you, UF and the rest of the crew. Possibly Purgatory, for a few days, but hey- we're family!!

dubz said...

MM! i want a bite of your peg leg.

dubz said...


Mountain Man said...

Hi guys! Dubz, take a bite, it is so good for you and your upcoming one. Schnitzel is for everyone. Hi Capt'n, please take a sip from the beer leg, it is kept away from the schnitzel so the schnitzel may stay dry. USB I don't know when you get "down there" in purgatory but we arrive Sunday evening. I am ready to hobble about. Stupid foot is all swollen from taking it out on the town yesterday. Motherscratcher.

pd said...

YUMMERS. May I bite your peg leg too? I miss the Captain, so maybe you can invite me to the beer party. I'll bring my own fermented cast.

lupis said...

Save a bite for me please, I like spaetzel with schintzel encrusted, tow jamed in the center. please.