Thursday, October 19, 2006

Hey Hi +

Hi. Here is what has happened. My sausage has fallen out the window, the blackened areas gangrened fully and rotted off me so I am more healthy in a way and more in tune with words. There is a show up of work of MM's at Kevin Bruk Gallery in Miami. I am awaiting images to post here. There will be a group trek to Miami this weekend to see the show and wander about the beachy regions and get wrecked. I have high hopes to spend most of the time under an XXL beach cover-up with Mrs. Cub. What will happen underneath this cover is up to your imagination or if you want to pay us $5 perhaps we will show you. Let it be known that there are unwanted hairs that have not been removed as of right now. I will keep you informed of any changes in hair presence and/or appearance.

Forthcoming will be posts on two artists I recently discovered at the Tate Modern in London.

It is trying to come back. Frogs has politely asked to have his venue reinvigorated. I cannot say no to Frogs.