Thursday, August 31, 2006

Mucky Bloody Face Day

I fashioned a mask for myself in the night and this is it. Please enjoy my new look and if you desire to kiss me put your tongue through the eyeholes. UF leaves tomorrow for a whole month. Sniff. Me sad. So. Who wants to go out and get wrecked with me tomorrow night? I mean really really awfully badly wrecked, like worse than this mask.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Monday, August 28, 2006

Garbled Voices

Garbled voices are speaking to me. I am trying to draw the black oily ether from which caverns and flora grow but it is hard, my gut is distracting me, it droops to the floor and causes my face to get lowered to the drawing, wherein the drool puddles form on the nice fine black lines. But anyway. It adds atmosphere.

So. I am happy to read Reverend Jen on Artnet. I'll take her over Charlie Finch any day. I like her pink leotard, if only I had the gumption to wear one "on the ground" but happily for you I have no such gumption.

I am in need of narcotix. Anyone who has them please send them. I will do almost anything.

I am drawing and pretending I am in the caverns, shadowy and blackened like the catfishes.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Anything is Something for Me

Well my computer is broke and I am stored up in a shack with whores from here until who knows when. The good part is that the whores know how to please me.

I am interested in becoming a part of reality again. I am one with the accursed share for now but I anticipate becoming more friendly in the cyber acres very soon. Here's to a large swollen tum filled with the inner beast.

I am ready to find myself in belief in no heaven.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Post 600

Yes that's right, this makes the 600th post of contentless ramblings from the man of the mountains.

The bees of jealousy are currently swarming through my fetid carcass. I am without my blogger soulmates, missing them desperately. However, the santori times continue in the gatorade green wilds of NE Pennsylvania. County Fair time is coming soon. This year I hope to be able to witness the baby judging contest first hand, not to mention document the prize-winning artworks that will be on display, and the stale melty theme cakes.

In other news, we have found a store called "Quails R Us." This comes in second as my favorite store name after "Arts for Him".

Last week I met an ornery old French man who used to be a fisherman and chef in the Carribbean. He was a motherlode of information on cooking, gardening, hunting, gathering, etc. He has instilled in me a desire to become a true pioneer - I want to learn how to identify mushrooms, make my own yeast for breads, grow every vegetable on earth, fish, can. No hunting though. None of the gun business. (Unless it's a tranquilizer gun that I can use upon myself.) We actually fished out of our pond one evening last week. I have never held a rod before in my life but I got lucky because in the first 5 minutes I caught a fish and somehow got him onto the grass. He was flopping all around, trying to breathe - UF picked him up and showed him to me and I made him throw it back in the water. The labored breathing from this little guy was too much for me. I immediately regretted this decision because neither one of us were able to catch anything after that - we were only able to get two more fish to bite the grody night crawler on the hook (we keep them in the fridge, near the mustard, yum), get the hook into their mouths, dangle them spastically on the rod, but then they escaped. I am now fearful that two angry ghost fish with hooked mouths that will haunt the pond and bite off my limbs.

My gut continues to bulge due to overconsumption of foodstuffs. Painting is somewhat ok. Somewhat. Slow. Whatever. Me trying. We went to Border's bookstore in Scranton the other day. That was our first cultural experience all summer. I am reading MFK Fisher's The Art of Eating. Highly recommend for anyone who likes to cook and eat. PD, it's so for you. ohohoh and one more thing, Lars Von Trier's The Kingdom - UNBELIEVABLE. My brother Bobo gave it to me last Xmas. It is a TV series he did in 1994. Takes place in a haunted hospital in Denmark. Ghosts and seers and an evil Swedish doctor. It is beautiful, creepy and very funny. To me at least.

Ok. Sorry for the long post but it's been a while so.......hi. Bye. I love you.