Thursday, March 17, 2005

An Idea

I am changing my name to Peter Jones. I will cut my hair and eat more vegetables. That will be the new me!!! More responsible. Friendlier. Dependable. Less violent. Less furtive and feral. WISH ME LUCK!!!!


Fart said...

Do it!!!! You need to act more upstanding.

Sasquatch said...

Oh, good luck. I know how harrowing this adventure into the wild has been for you. You have travelled far, but maybe lost your way. Vegetables will help, no matter the path. A hair cut always makes one feel better....Peter Jones, you could be Welsh....nice, though they are neither dependable nor gentle. Anyway, good luck. All your dreams will be realized.

mountain man said...

dear sasquatch,

i was just kidding you silly!! you take things so seriously, which i can understand. you live in the wild and have to fight your way through the woods, living off what you kill. i live in the beige cubed world where i buy processed foods at my local mart. however, i am still feral!! still hairy. still looney. i will never change. i will only threaten to. it's fun to make idle threats.

thank you for your purity, wild one.


mountain man

ps - i am not welsh, but i do have a bit of the scot in me.

mountain man said...

hey fart, you don't know me. you are too smelly.