Wednesday, February 16, 2005


I put a paper clip all the way into my ear but it doesn't hurt. I will try another. Cute! I think I see miniature rabbits behind my computer. They are drinking cran-apple juice. I am going to try to talk to them.


Anonymous said...

sounds like you are getting really freaky. i would drink some of that cran apple if i were you. you need to stay hydrated.

fairy butler said...

Mountain Man,

Sometimes after my cafe I see miniature rabbits too! Do they have shiny, black eyes and kind smiles? Do they huddle together and create sparks? Get them away from the computer now!!!! Tempt them with your juice box.


mountain man said...

lovely fairy,

yes yes and yes! you have seen those rabbits too. i have taken them from behind the computer and put them in my breast pocket. they are so tiny.

this is the best trip EVER.

i am loving myself with my hands when i am not typing. so far i have not been fired.

fairy butler said...

Ah, the littles ones are protecting you with a durungerun shield. You can do anything you want today under their protection.

Feel your love welling up and then let it lose. This is the way of Nature.


Anonymous said...

I am a boss. I am off today just so you know that I am not reading a blog on my company's watch. What you are doing is questionable and illegal. Smarten up mountain man. I would fire you if I had the chance.
you are lazy and stupids.

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