Friday, February 18, 2005


PUG is out today.
The hairless, shirt open is in and cries out helplessly by the printer.
The rest are busy with their torments. Taking over the world and what-not.
I'm trying real hard to look busy.
Otherwise, I am dying inside.
That's all I can say.


PUG said...

GNAR!!!!!! IT IS PUG! I AM VERY ANGRY. I WAS TIPPED OFF ABOUT YOUR SICK BLOG. Now it is time for you to pay, donkey-raper. I will conscript the hairless one to my team. We will band together and beat you at your own game.

mountain man said...

PUG. You mangy little connecticut housewife. I know you are gay. Everyone else knows too!

James said...

What is your problem with gay people??? You use the word gay as though it is an insult. Many people will not like that. Smarten up and start respecting others.

Anonymous said...

So let me see, an animal hater, a woman hater, and anti-homosexual.
Well, guess what. We hate you back

mountain man said...

listen. I don't have anything against gays. I like a--- myself. I'm just sayingh that pug is a straight sham. Pug doesn't have me fooled.