Thursday, February 17, 2005

Sexy feeling

Can I tell you something secret?

Last night I got sexy touches from big face.
I know I said that I hate the beast, but I'm drawn to the stevie nicks style bell sounds.
Her/his sculptures are like a siren song. I wanted to rip them apart so bad!
I know that is wrong. So instead I scratched around.

I am so ashamed.


pussywhipped said...

I have a feeling you are not so sexy, my friend. What do your ears look like? Do they hang down? Are they paper-thin? Are they pink on the inside. That is sexy.

Anonymous said...

i am sensing a love/hate attraction to the beast and its art....which can be a powerful draw to a mountain man. don't let yourself be controlled dude or you might find yourself working at applebees. your wild nature must not be tamed!! destroy, mame and pillage the art. smear it with your feces. it sounds like it sucks.

Anonymous said...

I think MOuntain Man should get back together with Patricia and if that fails then the donkey. I'm just saying.