Thursday, February 17, 2005

Yesterday's Lessons

1. The movement of the clouds is controlled by the movement of my bowels.
2. I am a big liar. I did not get into Greater NY. But trust me I am going to the opening with my work and installing it there anyway.
3. I am looking into having my legs removed and replaced with goat legs. I am dying to be half goat!
4. After this operation is successfully completed, I will vests every day. Maybe a top hat. Always a timepiece on a chain in the vest pocket.
5. I love doughnuts.
6. It is ok to be rude.
7. Oats are hard on my stomach.


DLAK said...

doughnuts are cool.

T BONE steak said...

Why do you lie so much mountain man? I feel betrayed because I was starting to look up to you.
I wish I could beat you.

fairy butler said...

As I have said previously, goats are sexy! Perhaps once you acquire goat legs you can get some goat teats? Then you will have an abundant supply of goat's milk. Oh, how fortunate you would be!!

Please make sure you wear a brownish plaid ensemble (with the goat legs) when you install your work at PS1 - even if it is on the sidewalk near the entrance. Offer warm goat's milk from your teats. It is bound to be a hit! Just make sure the public doesn't confuse it with Matthew Barney.

My fairy butler and I would be honored to observe your artwork in this setting. May the trees, the wind, the rain, and the dew shine upon you.

mountain man said...

dear fairy,

i will take your advice. you are a good and helpful fairy. thank you.