Sunday, February 20, 2005

Puppy Mills

I am concerned about the puppy mills. If you are concerned too you should visit this website. Since I have been sick I have a lot of time to research critical issues.


starch said...

I am so glad you posted that. I was thinking about getting a pet and this is definitely something to consider. It is so sad what people will do for profit. Their callousness is overwhelming. Link this to the cattle and chicken industries and I begin to get furious. I will absolutely adopt from a reputable source.
thanks again

pink eye said...

you are really annoying
"oh the puppies, animal rights now"
your sincerity creeps me out and I think it hides a deeper truth about your inability to relate to humans.
Do you have any friends?
Any intimates?

or just inmates...


starch said...

Dude, chill out. It is like you have no conscience.

mountain man said...

Perhaps I have been looking too long at the work of the Metamorphic Ritual Theater, but may I suggest you two have a duel of fire?

On a lighter note, puppies are so cute. I am sure you can both agree on that.

pink eye said...

puppies are cute
girls in collars are cuter
starch is annoying

Hairy Back said...

I love girls in collars! F--- me!!!! GIMME THE GOOD STUFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MAKE THEM BARK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

pan said...

yeah !!!!!!!!!
hairy backs on women are so hot
wait, lower backs, not like shoulder blades,
BUT collaring a girlfriend is maybe the most intimate thing you can do.
Ginger has two collars. An indoor collar and an outdoor collar. Actually, it is more like a collar for everyday activities and another collar to prove her loyalty to me when we have sessions. She is an amazing submissive. Though we trade roles often. Sometimes I put little padlocks on her labia piercings like little chastity locks. She is so hot, once she locked my frenum ring to her clit and we just sat there for like six hours....talking.
you have to check out
look at the piercing section and check out "butterfly"

Anonymous said...

pan you are seriously freaking me out. your girlfriend's name is ginger? wtf? GINGER? if you were a good owner you would give her a better name.

what about shaun?

starch said...

I find it really disturbing that a post about saving the small furries turned into a diatribe about dominance and submission. Do we really need to know about your strange conversational positions?

starch said...

Okay this post is really not worth it anymore.
I thought we were actually communicating.
First this Pink Eye character and now someone is posting using my name. I really do not believe these blogs should be policed, but this is insulting. Even if I do share the sentiments of whoever posted as if they were me, that is just not right. Get your own voice.

Pam said...

Sorry, Starch. I just wanted to respond to what was happening on this post and I transgressed the unwritten blog etiquette. I am sorry. Please don't leave. I was hoping you would step into the ring, that's all.

pink eye said...

boo hoo starchy one
go somewhere else

though he is right
get your own voice

f---ing babies here.

I can't find butterfly and am intrigued.
What else do you and Ginger do?

mountain man said...

WOW! What a busy evening. Sounds like Pan and Pink Eye need to love it up under the covers. I am pretty sure Ginger is a dog.

Damian said...

Oh pink eye you so obviously just want to masturbate listening to pan's stories...

Unicorn said...

I think Pink Eye doesn't have a real penis. I think it's a pig snout. Oink oink little piggy. Pink Eye seems nice though. I hate animal activists too. We share that in common.