Sunday, February 20, 2005

A Strange and Inspiring Man I Cannot Imagine

His name is Orryelle Defenestrate-Bascule. Does anyone know him? Apparently he married his masculine and feminine sides a few years ago and gave birth to himself, a hermaphrodite? But he looks like a man so I am not sure. I guess he is from Australia. They seem to party harder and stranger down there. Especially interesting is the Metamorphic Ritual Theater. The engage in antics I could not engage in except in lie form. Here is someone who is really doing things and I am at home eating paste like a fool.

I can't believe his threshold for pain. He must be very athletic. What I appreciate most is that in his Mutant Manifesto, included in the site, he asks if anyone can help him have eagle wings or snakeskin attached surgically to his back. Kindred Spirit! A very delightful man.


pan said...

Hi there
I am really into mods and I think Jarred at can help your friend.
I myself have two cranial taps that look like stainless horn buds and a frenum piecing that I have enlarged every other year. It has been six years and I am up to 13mm. Jarred is careful and adventurous.
My girlfriend has both nipples pierced, her clit (6mm) and four on her labia majora.
We talk about more serious mods like she really wants her toes webbed, but we have not found any way to make it permenant and we are definitely not into necrosis. Cleanliness is next to godliness. Or I guess on this blog it would be Zoggliness

Interesting blog
lots of different content
I never know where I am

mountain man said...

Thanks Pan. You are revealing some very intimate things about yourself and your girlfriend, Ginger, on this blog. I am intrigued.

Frank said...

Pan, you are extreme. Is this the kind of thing you are into? I was checking out the site and it is pretty bizarre. I got scared. But I am just curious, is this what you and your girlfriend look like? Do you have lots of tattoos? Do you live in the wild?

pan said...

We have tattoos but are not as into them as the piercing. We mostly do the piecing ourselves so it is something we share intimately. The tats came first, then we found what we were about.
And no, we definitely are not into that pseudo pagan ritual.
It makes us laugh, cracks me up that they can even keep a straight face. Cloaks?
Our interest in mods is growing, but it is not like we can progress too fast. Limited space you know, and we like to be really connected when we do it.
Ginger wants to give me an Amphallang next, but that is intense. One slip and....
Oh and we don't live in the wild. We live in the city. Though our bedroom is a bit like a shack with clapboard on the walls and a corrugated plexiglass ceiling because our asshole landlord won't fix the roof.

Trixie said...

What's an amphallang? Sounds like it touches your private area. If it does, you don't have to go into it. I think I know you. Is Ginger blonde? Do you have a faux-hawk? I think I may live on your block.

pan said...

an amphallang goes horizontally through the penis just below the head without puncturing the urethra hopefully. otherwise the rest of your life gets messier.
what is a fauxhawk?
Ginger is bald.

So I don't think we know each other.

Trixie said...

I guess I had you confused with someone else. Ginger sounds like a cutie. You are a lucky man.

Trixie said...

Pan, I really like you. You are honest and intense. Do you and Ginger like to have guests over? Because I would definitely be into playing with you, if you need a healthy female playmate who has a high threshold for pain.

pan said...

Hi Trix
Thanks for the interest.
But this is far too impersonal a way to know whether Ginger and I would like to play with you.
Funny, how many assumptions are made by you all on this blog. It is difficult to ignore some of the more catty ones.
You are cool though.
Maybe we should meet in a public space first. This world is full of real whackos and contrary to some of the comments made here, Ginger and I are sane, safe and disease free.
You might want to look at, a BDSM web personals service that we have had great success with.
If you want to get together fo coffee sometime, let us know.
We will show you the ropes.

christian said...

the devil works through idle hands.
lesser evils breed.

Chewed Up Baby said...