Sunday, February 20, 2005


Here is something I am considering. Saving myself for another time. When goat legs can be attached with no problem and maybe I can turn my incipient horns into real horns. I will not be considered a freak. This is my newest line of attack.

Cheers to pink eye for making this site somewhat about art again. However, as is my wont, I am bringing it back to self-enhancement/mutilation.


Devil May Care said...

Did you hear about the artificial beauty pageant in China? I am thinking about entering next year. It's only for people who have had surgical enhancements. Before you decide to freeze yourself for a better world, maybe you can obtain kudos for your freakishness in this setting. I'm just saying.

Angry said...

You should mutilate yourself more. I want you to go away. Cryonics is a good idea for you. Annoying brat!

pink eye said...

Devil may care,
just say, just say
it is honorable of you to try to make the best of this wretchedness. In fact that is the only way to make beauty. Surgical enhancements fascinate me. The few I have performed nourish my and the souls of those modified.
Yes, mountain man,
enroll...enlist...sign up or whatever
if you need any help with the enhancements let me know. I am a doctor, a surgeon to be more accurate and I am always available to those in need.
Have you considered temporary saline injections? It is less demanding and quite fun. Puffy elbows or an injected braille "I TRUST NONE" on your lower back.

pink eye said...

I felt like this recently at an art opening, although annoying second rate art dealers were trying to sell me annoying second rate art.

mountain man said...

My goodness, PE. This actually happened to me the other night. It is me. I am him.

pink eye said...

The dealer
the artist
or the trippy dude in therapy now?

mountain man said...

the trippy dude? i forget. i dunno. i forget.