Tuesday, February 22, 2005


You should really visit this great website: http://www.worldofthestrange.com/ to find out if you are part alien and if so, what race. It is good s---. I read the following description and it is too close for comfort, if you know what I mean. Beth, my main, hussy, may want to take heed. I am changing. But you are not allowed to leave me, EVER. Sasquatch are

"Large, hairy 'humanoids' who are usually troglodytial or cavern-dwellers, although they have been known to forage through mountainous or wooded areas on the surface in search for roots, berries, grasses and nuts which make up their diet. They are believed to possess a heightened 'sensing' ability which allows them to steer clear of 'human' influence."

I hate humans! That's SO me.

"Most Sasquatch apparently possess a human soul-matrix. They are usually described as being 6-9 ft. tall..."

I am 6 ft 8!!!!!!

"There have also been 'hairy hominoids' which possessed either 'robot-like' or 'amphibian' characteristics, suggesting bio-genetic manipulation to create 'biological machines' or 'cyborgs'."

I definitely have a robot side. Beth, back me up on this.

"Sasquatch apparently have the ability to spontaneously induce invisibility through producing an electromagnetic psychic shield around themselves, and are said to commute between our dimension and a "5th" dimensional realm."

I am so psyched to work on this last one. THIS IS WHAT I HAVE ALWAYS WANTED!!!! WISH ME LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Grassy said...

You really have done your research MM. Good luck with turning invisible. That sounds fun.

Sven said...

I visited that site and I never knew that the Swedes were an alien race! I feel so special, more special than I did earlier today, which was already pretty special.