Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Fairy Butler

Are you as lovely as this? I will think of you as I drool into my fast-growing fur today. You are special.



fairy butler said...

I can't see the picture no matter what magical powers I summon to reveal it to me. I am curious, please re-post.

mountain man said...

Can you see it now? You are much lovelier than myself today I am sure. I will have to ice my face and torso and hope the swelling subsides.

bob said...

I am so interested in Fairy Butler
What are you like?
What do you like?
What do you do?

Mountain Man
you know one of your hussies gave you the Plague.

fairy butler said...

Ah, please do not confuse me and my butler. I am mere human, and a man, so no. I am not as lovely as this darling little sprite. My butler is not as lovely either, but his manner is abundantly joyful.

However... I do enjoy making myself miniature and climbing on thistles in the spring. I pack a very small picnic, with tiny olives and pate. I bring my pan flute. It is also very small, like a harmonica and produces a mournful but inspirational sound. I wonder if this little lass would enjoy a picnic with me? Is she one of your hussies?

Maybe you need to use a differnt type of conditioner on your pelt to avoid the bumps? Or perhaps an enemy has hexed you? Think! Maybe something can be done. My fb can help.

mountain man said...

Good point, FB. I think it's the Grey Goo coming to cover me right now. F--- this. I am sorry but I get confused about you. You can make yourself small, but you are a man? Your butler is a man too? A man fairy? I guess I am ignorant about fairies, sprites and such. But, as always, even in my heinous state, I am eager to learn.

fairy butler said...

Yes, we are both males. Through the eons I have learned much faerie magic from my butler. He is always willing to make me miniature but I can perform this magic myself these days. Sometimes I can pass in the other realms for a while but othercreatures are clever and they can usually sniff me out. Humans are not thought of highly which is why i prefer to reside here, in this dimension, on earth. old habits die hard.

urchin said...

I too reside in other realms.
And I too prefer this one over all others.
My magic makes butter.
My wings are strong.