Friday, February 18, 2005

Cat food

I have run out of food in my swampy apartment. So what can I do besides eat some cat food? It tasted nice, like liver. But a little soggy, a little too much sauce.

Mountain man would like to go on a trip in his imaginary airstream. If Mountain Man could meet the right lady (nude) maybe he would buy a real airstream and take her on a (nude) road trip.

Any takers?


candy said...

I'll go if you pay me. I'm 6', 32 DD, 24, 36.

mountain man said...

reowrrrr candy. you sound like a hot corner. i like your numbers. it's good you're so tall, i am 6' 4''. i think we will like it so so much. i want to leave sometime in march. i will pay you $1000 for one week. what do you say, candy????

candy said...

two words.
Too Little.
one boob alone is worth 1,000
You suck

candy said...

and another thing.
i have to be compensated extra for clothing expenses.

candy said...

I hope you realize I won't sleep with you.

mountain man said...

candy, that's too bad, but it seems that you have a lousy attitude anyway. your boobs do sound nice and i am sure they are worth a lot. they sound saggy and teaty just the way i like them.

in any case i have already decided that damian is the one i'd like to solicit for this journey.

for your information i was not looking for sex this time, merely nude companionship.

Anonymous said...

Why don't you just take your donkey?