Friday, February 18, 2005

Could it be?

A hussy named BEYONCE KNOWELES keeps calling me and leaving messages on my answering machine. I am tempted to believe she is the real deal for a number of reasons.

1. She sounds breathy.
2. She keeps calling
3. She is successful in her persistence
4. She claims to have nice hair
5. She was introduced to me through my blog

Listen. It is possible because I am a performer and so is she. The talented are drawn to the same. That has been proven.


Bruce said...

I don't think so Mountain Man. Although I know you are full of surprises. I am sure it's just your secret apey ugly girlfriend who is calling you and you wish it was Beyonce. Beyonce would never call you. She is far too clean and golden for someone like you. You are too trashy.

mountain man said...

You don't know anything about me. I am actually a hotty. Girls like the disheveled look. Remember the 90's. Duh.

Trixie said...

You are a hotty. But Beyonce? I bet it was only Kelly Rowlands, the tall one. I am sure, being jealous of all Beyonce's attention, that she is out to ruin Beyonce by connecting her with spuriously earthy types such as yourself. Good luck though!

Bruce said...

I hate your lying ass.