Friday, February 18, 2005

An Adjustment To My Settings

That's all I need. Will someone please adjust me? Just reach inside my control box and push some buttons. My meat and two veg will thank you later. I am still looking for someone who knows how to help me with my leg-removal-and-reattachment-with-goat-legs operation. Does anyone know a cutting-edge surgeon who I can call? ASAP?????


Goat Protector said...

I can't believe what I'm reading. Goats are innocent animals! It's bad enough to eat them. I can't believe you want to replace your perfectly fine legs with those of a beautiful goat. May you rot in eternal hellfire for this.

candy said...

I think you might want to reconsider the surgery. Because my sister's ex-boyfriend wanted a smaller nose, and he went to our friend's uncle who is a plastic surgeon and anyway, he has a weird look on his face always now. It looks like he is angry all the time. His nostils are pointed outward. Do you know what I mean? They look out at you and you can see his nose hairs and buggs. These things can get real messed up and these days you can get tyfoid fever from operations.

mountain man said...

i do see your point candy. your email conjured up a ghastly image in my mind that i am having a hard time getting rid of. however, my mind is set on this operation. and i say, as long as they can keep my meet and 2 veg intact, then i am ready for anything. I MUST BECOME HALF GOAT.