Friday, February 18, 2005


I am concerned for myself these days. There have been several death threats and that, COUPLED WITH MY RELATIONSHIP WITH BEYONCE!!!, is creating an atmosphere of distrust and jealousy in my home. I had to lie a little.

Do you know where I am going with this? Now I am living with my Mom, my donkey is in an abandoned lot, and I'm worried about early-onset alzhiemers. And all because I'm protecting my balls.


Butternut said...

Ok mister. I am definitely calling PETA if your donkey has been abandoned. Can you tell me the exact location and I will have her picked up and cared for, that is, if she hasn't already been raped by another monster not unlike yourself. But I don't really believe you are living with your mother. No mother would allow such disgusting behavior. I am sure if you were living with your mother you would be nicer to your fellow man.

I think you need to cut yourself. Or have Lion King do it. Either way. You deserve a little wound.

lion king said...

Did someone say cut? I got my knives polished up nice. Mountain Man has it coming to him. Don't no one call the cops on me. I have to do this or I will pee in my leather pants. That's harder to clean up than jam on jeans.

Sugar said...

If you need some help Lion King, I am available. I have a collection of sharp forks. Not as mean as knives but still good at cuts. CUT YOU!!!!