Monday, December 03, 2007

Samuel Palmer, Otto Dix, Jean Fautrier, Asger Jorn


Mountain Man said...

I didn't think I'd ever post again but looky I just did. Here are some paintings I am looking at trying to garner inspiration for the building blocks of inner life.

USB said...

Dear MM:
Am floored - was seeking a few moments of insanity in the mist of chaos that is running through everything I touch, work through, and try to file. THe Consultants are not following through, the clients are changing the project as I speak. The stacks of paper surround my desk - I feel like DiNero's character in Gillams 'Brazil' - '.. the paperwork will kill me...'


OH AND Happy Chanacka, or whatever its called... Have some latkes and sour cream. US' fave..must pickup applesauce too (dessert!). Have sophie's Manorah (?) out. No candles to be found.....Oh well maybe tomorrow i'll be downtown and see some. US will be amused.

How's the apendage? Still attached?
Heard of the horrors of public meds. Ick, Eeeew. Good Drugs I hope.

Must return to the horrors of timesheets...our office program keeps locking. Too many trying to input too much.

Three weeks to monster bash... and counting. Ready the roast beast, and cooridinate the kitchen duties.
Much liquid for all to consume... Alcholic of course. Cheers!
Love ya, and Unca Fritz too!

Mountain Man said...

Oh dear USB! thank you for seeing the post. It's been so long since I've blogged and it's nice that you found it. I heart you and am excited to see you very soon. I am gimpy and hobbling, it is truly retarded but when you see me i will be without cast happily. I miss you. It was so much fun seeing you in October, truly a great visit. Looking forward to seeing the Turner show with you guys over Xmas. Here's to our sanity.


dubz said...

these are beautiful, mm. glad to see you in the ether!!!!

julie said...

Otto Dix reminds me of Burchfield.