Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Peveril Castle

It's up a steep steep incline in the town of Castleton in Derbyshire, England. My grandmother is 4 feet tall & lives nearby. When I go to visit I hike in the peaks and valleys and woods. It is the fairy territory, it is magical and hurts me in the kidneys, it is part of me like a fun virus. Fun virus, come to me and stay.


dubz said...

boy, that's fairy territory allright. at four feet tall, you can play extreme hide-and-seek with your granny. i want to roll in the moss, looks so soft.

slothy said...

Welky back MM!!!!!!!!! Hooray!

That Otto Dix is so great and surprising, thank you.

Are you going to paint the castles and mosses, mm? Seems like good terrain for you, & a little painty time in the 'shire could be good for the leg-bone.

p.s. will your new leg be bionic?

USB said...

Dear MM: Another insane day, tensions riding high, Budget issues, mega bucks involved, and major curve balls drifting in out of the blue... which need to be 'captured' and 'broadcast' and evalualted in terms of the timeframes...mind you the project completion date doesn't change.. just the level of insanity for all involved.
Well, if the legg isn't bionic, i'm sure it will a good scratch upon it's emergence into the world. Likely some phyiso too. Ugh, pain...Book some yoga classes.
No climbing hills and venturing over the dales .. to grandmother's house. Nope, not in the future. just memories now.
Fire up the memories and strt the BAD Bubba book for the younguns.
Castles, mosses sound lovely and theraputic. High Teas, Moors and gothic romances! Oops.. that's a weekend in bed with the cat in my lap, and reading english classics..with US banished from the room. Mind you, more likely he'll barricade me in the guest room and slide my meals under the door - this week is leaving me just a bit strung out.
Ciao fer now!

Mountain Man said...

My new leg will be made of glass and filled with beer like Lady Port Huntley in The Saddest Music in the World. Anyone is welcome to have a sip.

Hi. Moss is definitely in my future. So are wind and black tarry clouds. Sloth, I know, I was shocked that that was Otto Dix. I love it. Also Jean Fautrier is a new discovery for me. I've been working on this writing project & found him in my internet sleuthing.

USB good luck navigating the waves of insantiy on the ocean of other people's emotions. Say hi to Kitty for me. Just hold her when things get rough. She is very calming.