Friday, April 06, 2007

John Martin

He is an old batty painter too. It is good to be old and dead and visionary. Right? Fire in the sky and caverns beneath the earth - this is where they bake the famous tofu loaf.




mountain man said...

English Romantic Painter, 1789-1854. Rock the English Romanticism. Rockit right into my pants.

doctor proctor said...

dear troubled,

tofu is definitely the cause of your troubles. it is evil and should be eradicated in favor of gristle. go towards the glowing light in the tunnel of gristle and cartilage.

fairy butler said...

hi mm. i like the romantics. the awe, the hope, the impossibility, the recklessnes. it's great.

MM said...

FB i hope you are enjoying your glazed ham just now.

I agree with what you say. There is a ridiculous failure built in but the earnestness with which they want to depict something that threatens to is both grand and doltish at the same time. Makes me happy.

We are out in the kuntry this weekend. It snowed last night but there are a zillion robins hopping around. So cute. And what seem like the same two geese every year that lay their eggs by the side of the pond. Beware if you come within 20 feet. They bend their elastic black necks about and hiss.

Corny said...

hi MM, happy christian spring holiday. The Mrs. and I will celebrate by covering ourselves with slices of ham and letting the pets -including the baby- eat it off of us.

USB said...

Dear MM:
Sitll in the city.. back form yet another round of church..incense, fleurs and hokey hymns.... well a few.
Got the tin drum and the gasoline ready for flaming doing the ham? Pinaapple at hand, and those marachino cherries for garnish... nummmm... US is gloating on a good performace of two russian songs at a faculty concert, and concocting a veggie irish stew.
Happy Easter.. to all.

The Capt'n said...

Hi cutes. To quote Ali Liebegott,

"Dear Peter,

Is the cave hiring?"

pd said...

Hiya MM. I hope you are still enjoying the kuntry! Me miss you.

dubz said...

hello! these are fantastic. i am listening to earth, wind & fire and these ptngs seem like the perfect counterpoint. thanks emz.

mountain man said...

Hi hi hi! I wish I could hear US sing...maybe a trip to the upper climes is in order sometime soon.

Hi Capt'n. You can tell Ali I heard that there are a lot of job openings in the cave. I am seeking work there as well.

Hi PD & Dubz. Dubz, the top John Martin painting reminds me of you a little. It's like if you and me collided in the early 19th century and had no knowledge of tube sox.

Corny said...

Hi MM, thanks for giving me last minute homework ASSignment for the clients. I will post pics next week when the results come in.

PS. Can I work in the cave? I can mediate negotiations between the stalactite community and the stalagmite community. Peace Now!

USB said...

Dear MM:
For your info- in case the the p'rents haven't advised you, US is performing in the fully staged 'Tosca' as the Sacrasten and as the Jailer, next month in Hamilton. Daniel Lipton conducting! Anxiety is minimal at the moment - until this weekend when rehearsals start.. Wish me luck in enduring the endless agonizing.....Might I also decamp to the cave...All I need is a little dark corner to hide in - provided it has wireless capability..a small fire and maybe, just a wee part of the ham & a piece of pineapple on which to chew?