Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Victor Hugo

Ham Paw recently reminded me about Victor Hugo's incredible drawings. They are so dark, recessed and shadow-driven, the ideas are transported stretchwise from one era to another, like stains into decisions. Sense is less important, communing is disappearance. Whirlwinds, stormy waters and false positives - vague like the chicken nuggets and the calming toys of today's Happy Meal. I am conquering minutes with slime, sleep is almost near.


The Capt'n said...

wow! It's late and I'm loopy, but this drawing is really gorgeous and nuanced and multi-level intriguing, as is your description, or rather, poetic word dance with it. I'm serious, even though what I just said sounds jack-assed. But that's just becaause I don't have the way with the words, the way that I admire so in the mountain man.
Hey MM, seriously, it took me a while to realize this was a ship at sea (it is, isn't it-?) In the context of your recent post about hair bugs looking like drawings, etc. I actually read this as a bug laying on it's back with legs up in the air.
Ship or bug, I really like it, so thanks to you and hampaw.

Cliff Pirate of Lesbos said...

Arrrrrrgggghhhhh, Matey. From up here, ya see's the ship and even the swimming sailors. Don't be fooled by bugs.
I am really interested in the frothy, dark density through which this image appears. What is the scale of said image, Mountain Man? There also seems an overall ghost image of an eye.
Thanks for the reminder.

fairy butler said...

this is the art ship of the night - carrying wisps of ideas, venturing into dark whirlpools, then into the bright tropical sun. night to day and so forth. tiny monkeys run rampant, rats are wise users of ultramarine sonar, jugs of rum and sea smell and nanas.

thank you victor hugo.

hammy said...

Hurray Victor Hugo!

sloth said...


I feel turbulent like this today, MM.

Corny said...

MM, THANK YOU! This is exactly the image i need to see, you see, I too am working on a sea down at the refinery. This image, it reminds me of a song by Charles Mingus or Tuxedomoon wait make that The Darkness.
So glad your back.

sushi Blameful said...

Many sun, much hearts in you, Mountain. A dark ship pass through you, bring many luck and light. You shine.

w.w. said...

yo mm where you at?

sloth said...

(shhhh, mm teaches school on Tuesday, ww)

Mountain Man said...

HELLO!!!!!! I am back from teaching and all the attendant fairy tales that go along with it. New post coming soon re: Bud Wise.

Capt'n YOU are a darling, you are a valued ether presence. And hey everybody else!!!! Victor Hugo rules.

I have to go comment at Anaba to tell him I received this lovely strange item in the mail - I will photograph it and tell more later. (Note: it has curling tendril ends and is hanging on my studio wall).

Also, congratulations to Ham Paw who has been upgraded to LION TAMER!!!! Not an easy feat.