Friday, January 13, 2006

Simple Thoughts

Thanks everyone for the wonderful show title ideas. That was the most fun thread I have had yet on this blog. I had to take a break for a little as I was so immersed in it that I began to frighten myself. Becoming united with objects again, pushing into new territories in the paint world has been my ideal, I have both succeeded and failed as always. The thread on Fairy Butler's blog about studio time and how much is enough makes me feel better about my guilt about not being there enough which invariably leads to insane extended hours and obsessed anti-social behaviors. I don't have what I want yet, either in my work or my career but maybe that's good because it keeps me working? Dunno. I am fearful and fearless like a kitty cat on its own turf. I must return to my nest of blankets and nurse from the teat of simplification.

Have a nice weekend. I am going to Atlanta to view UF's show.

I am almost 33, next week, a week from today. I don't understand any of this. Thanks for listening.




fairy butler said...

hi mm. have fun in atlanta. wish i could see! it is horrid dreary here and the L train is out again today. I am hiding.

Yes, the age years. I know. I am coming up on a dreaded date of 7 times 5. ugly. ugly. ugly. i can't even think about it. fffffffttttt.

jen said...

Great show in Atlanta and the artist talk rocked. It was so good to meet you.

33? You're a baby!

pd said...

MM, you are a youngin' and have accomplished so much already.

Fan of Adult Contemporary Music said...

MM is channeling through me from the gates of hell to say he had a great time in Atlanta, UF'S show rocked the house of hell, paintings were sold in the most exciting way and MM has finished (almost) his syllabus. Things could not be better with the exception that he has temporarily been banished to hell. I am his mouth, so to speak. He will return soon, having learned valuable lessons, we are sure.



Mountain Man said...

Hey Jen, it was nice meeting you!!! I am glad you came to the opening & talk. We had a blast down there.