Sunday, January 15, 2006

Dear Friends

Hi. Please try to identify me. The winner will receive a gift certificate for

1. General Satisfaction


2. Instantaneous Fun

Good luck to you, it's not as hard as it seems. What am I?


batty said...

A) pork loin inked and rolled on the woodcut for the end papers of The Kama Sutra.

B) Richard Feyman's brain as a kneadable eraser

C) marrow (Clarence?)

D) Bull's Ball

Mountain Man said...

Batty, there is no one smarter than you. I don't want to tell because you got it so fast. But yes, yes, you have perceived the truth in this inert pinkish mass with subtle tracings.

Congrats. Which would you like as your prize, 1 or 2?

Mountain Man said...

OMG! You're right. This is foresight of the highest order.

batty said...

Easy decision Mountain Man. #2 please; it helps promote #1 by the by.

fabeebles said...

is like the loaf in my pants mm. heavy dutie.

Mountain Man said...

Fabeebs it's not your dooty, your duty or anything in your pants. Promise!!!

fabeebles said...

mm. word. my pants has some strange stuffs and shit. i dont think you know what youse saying. i am sitting on a loaf here.

purdy said...

This is my diseased thigh that I chopped off to save myself.

Dangerous Quietude said...

Dear Purdy,

What I would like to know is: did it work? Are you saved?