Monday, January 16, 2006

Drawing Syllabus

This is my basic idea. Class starts tomorrow, Drawing Studies for Sophomores. If anyone can remember an interesting or particularly fun assignment from art school, please post. Perhaps I can integrate. I am looking for maximum fun capacity involvement of these stinkers. I want them to want to draw. I want them to need it like they need juice or beer or skittles from the machine. I have divided the class into 4 sections:


Self Portrait
Figure/figures drawn from photographic sources
Imaginary figures
Integrating doodles with sources


Literal landscape, drawn from the world – either natural or urban
Dreamscape – imaginary mental space
Landscape into abstraction – focusing on color, recognizable elements simplified into shapes or patterns


Rule-driven abstraction, drawing according to formula
Mapping or diagram of a place from memory
Collaboration - in class
Process – drawing as trace, rubbing, imprint, spill
Collage as archive – bulletin board, scrapbook, collection


Overlay and juxtaposition– Superimpose and/or integrate 2 or more approaches in a final project.

It took me way too much time to get to this subjective place. This class could be taught in a million ways, I am trying to be inclusive, but it really does sway towards my own interests.

And meanwhile, MM, you really need to start getting more work finished in the studio. Just saying. Time to finish up and move forward. Time to have studio visits and shit and crap. THE TIME IS NOW. I will be the age of Jesus the year he died on Friday. I am Jesus Jackson, the new-fangled Jesus. My time may be nearly up, it is imperative to make the most of it, as they say in the cancer ward. There is something real wrong with me otherwise I wouldn't say these things. Please forgive me.

Love and kisses on the neck,



fairy butler said...


"My time may be nearly up, it is imperative to make the most of it, as they say in the cancer ward."

these are words to live by. I heart.

here are a couple of things i remember from my undergrad drawing classes...

one day the assignment was to make the worst drawings possible. I loved that. (I was good at it) another was to make drawing insturments from nature and then make drawings with them. Also fun (to me). Another - to draw from life but upside down. hard. I guess that is more of a life drawing thing.

Your syllabus sounds great! Good job!

Sally said...

My fave was when my teacher asked me to draw my brother while he was sitting on the pot. I, of course, was punished by my ma.

dwnr said...

I had students take one of their assignments (it does not matter which one) xerox it several times at different scales. Cut them up, make a collage. Then use the collage as a source for another drawing. Then take that drawing, scan it, manipulate it in a computer, make a collage from printouts and then make a drawing using that collage as a source. Etc. There were more specific limitations but the mind... But the idea is to make drawings from drawings from drawings. Using mechanical means to distance the drawing (screw it up) and then bring in back to the hand. Destroying and recylcling. It changed one student's life. The rest remained confused.