Sunday, November 20, 2005

More Paul Nash

He was an official WW I and II artist in England. There is a sense of surrealist space, symbolist space - that each object or feature in the landscape had psychological presence and that what he depicted was not the real world but some kind of epic dream space that was barren and sad, but somehow meditative. That he wasn't just recording what he saw, but imbuing all the explosions and wrecks with mythic significance. I think Paul Nash is totally underknown in this country. I was lucky enough to see a huge show of his paintings and drawings a few years ago in Liverpool. Totally blew my mind. Trees, clumps, airplane remains, monoliths, barbed wire. Panoramic vistas of ruined landscapes. His greatest war painting shows a sky battle with explosions and trails of smoke far off in the distance. I had posted an image of this in the summer but am not able to find it again on the internet. Sadly.

Happy Sunday. It is time for work.


Louise said...

Clumps are fashionable this year for spring.

Dirk said...

I am all coked up with nowhere to go but inward. There are grimy dishes in the sink and I am alone forever in the pimple of my mind. I have called a hooker but I don't think she is going to come in once she sees me. I am a dwarf.

Mountain Man said...

Wow Dirk. I hope your night turned out ok. Are you slimy? With slippery hair?