Saturday, November 19, 2005

Hi there

Fever subsides but antibiotics cause unease and malaise. But better than earlier in the week. Goodness be thanked. There is a wizard update which is: there has been full acknowledgement in writing of all coins owed and 25% of coins deposited in piggy bank. The rest is coming to me in the form of "soon you will be able to cash them" notes. This is an improvement. Threatening language was used ad nauseum to some decent effect. Deadlines were set and emphasized, delay tactics were referred to as ridiculous and unacceptable. MM turned thuglike and achieved something. A little something.

Also, is it wrong to use this blog to shamelessly promote self? Am changing attitude on this since posting images of drawings. There may soon be an announcement about upcoming public display of relics.

I am feeling more like blogging again...the brain is beginning to get re-charged. Hi again. Hi.


Ernie said...

I am less than everything. Always.

sloth said...

MM, please to transfer some of the recharge action to Slothy. No time or energy to post of late - this will change soon with luck!

Excellent news about the freakin' whizz-ard finally, sheesh. GOOD for you for being an unmovable mountain of man. Love.