Sunday, May 08, 2005

Puzzle Talk

Listen! There were elves, owls, lumpy trees and fluffy felines. Praise be to Fairy Butler. We were so proud we almost drooled. Everyone smiled and no one said anything mean. Everyone behaved and the only sadness was no dances of the world were danced. That is for the next go-round, coming up soon, wherein Ham Paw will display some tumultuous relics.

We will be on red alert until then.

My pores are widening and bugs are crawling in there to slumber. I am wizening more each day. Swelling in all the wrong places, going soft and pointless. This is of little importance, I realize.

I am angry and there are certain people I am interested in hammering (with real hammers, not nerf ones). Anyone who reads this blog who is in the hammering department will know it's them I want to hammer when they read this. Screw you. You can't win.


Frozen Dinner said...

It sounds like it was fun, I am sorry I missed it. I love elves and owls.

Pan said...

Elf Owls are the coolest.
Follow me....

Gelatin Mutton said...

That is a great-looking owl. I love. Nice pictures, Pan.

Anonymous said...

Your blog is funny.

Sushi Blameful said...

Who Hammer, who?
Why screw, you already win, Mountain.
Much sun in dark now, many luck tomorrow.