Saturday, April 16, 2005


Your paws are the best paws of ham!!! Ham is so tasty. It was so smart for you to use ham to cut your paws out of. HAM PAW!!! You are the nation's most idealistic spiritual guide. Please take us to the cleansing!!! We celebrate your genius!!!!!!!!

Have a very happy day.


Sushi Blameful said...

Much luck and sun, Paw.
Good findings inside.

Pork Cake said...

I have made myself for you today.

postmoderndebunker said...

Wazzzup Ham. A wish for an interstitial birthday of the gelatinous kind!

mountain man said...

Ham Paw's birthday celebration and my initation into the uplifting rites of hidden sacrifice were a total success. We are partnered and deeply mutually initiated. I hope for the ultimate same for you all. We ate movable lightweight rocks and aborted fetuses and meditated on the ideas of balance and situations. My nearness to the furthest confines of flames and oneness are vampiring through the ether.

mountain man said...

Dear Pork Cake,

I would like it you would consider making yourself for me on other days, even if it was not my birthday.



Pork Cake said...

I remake myself constantly. I am hash and buns and pie, but Cake is my favorite and I hope yours as well....take a pick, your choice, Mountain Man.