Monday, March 14, 2005

The Northwest Quadrant

In the northwest quadrant it rains most of the year. The ground is sloping and acid green. There are trees there that bear grey felt fruits. This is where the largest people dwell - usually over seven feet tall, they amble with a leftward lean. They believe in their leader who hypnotizes them with his eyes - he wears a purple track suit. People in this quadrant love the smell and taste of lemons. That's how it is. I want to move there. I believe I could bring my light saber, my donkey and my toast tower. Beth would have to stay behind because I do not believe they allow hussies. If I could procure all the meds I wanted, I believe I could live without her. It is also a robot-free zone. People communicate through telepathy. Their spittle is rainbow-colored and contains secret messages. You may think I am going crazy but I think I am not.

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