Monday, March 14, 2005

My favorite song

is a secret. This is a whole new territory for me. That is, secrets. As you know, I am a man with a raincoat and all my thoughts are artistic and very open. But I've been reading some books and they say that I should be more circumspect. So there you go. I think I may get more respect and authority if I stare people down and share less about my anus. THIS IS HARD!


kim said...

That's crap. this new project will end shortly.

diligent said...

What is hard?
Your anus is hard?
Have you tried Tucks medicinal wipes?
I believe that once your anus softens all of your troubles will disappear, you will no longer have to keep secrets, heed insecurities or stay with that bimbo Beth.
Maybe a high colonic and a mango salt bath will be just the trick.

fairy butler said...

my butler suggests anusol, or kaopectate stool softeners. But, mm, we both have to admit that we like hearing about the anii. Especially the anus of the painting. Please don't be discreet about this matter.