Friday, March 04, 2005

Do you want to hear something terrible?

They are going to buy a cat to eat the mice. It reminds me of the time they purchased crickets to eat the cockroaches. The cat will be eaten. Just like the crickets. I can't tell you how many cricket corpses I had to pick up. It turns out they don't live that long. freaky.


puppy said...

Lickety Cricket!

tang said...

Mountain Man
I worry. I have fears and trepidation. I feel you are not with us as you were. Has the mouse situation truly overwhelmed you or is it a scapegoat (no offense, Fairy Butler) for deeper problems? Has Beth become a nuisance? Is she too needy and demanding? Does she no longer serve you as she should?
Let us in, Mountain. Share with us again. I miss you and I feel there must be a "We" that does also.

krixfort said...

mountain man, the dutch are laughing beneath my floors but I am not laughing with them. They're not funny. I'd rather be hearing artistic thoughts. I agree with Tang.
Please come back.
your friend,

steve said...

The Dutch are scat freaks.
They inspect their poop far too closely.