Tuesday, March 29, 2005


I have been wanting to post comments on my favorite blogs:

fairybutler (thank you for posting that rave review of ned's saloon! very exciting indeed!!!)
postmodern debunker's loveless

Why is blogger foresaking my intensity? He is limiting my powers. This is a situation of graves proportionality. Meanwhile. I am having to express myself in a new post.

I am dreaming of a courtyard with a fountain of putti surrounded by lovely green topiary in the form of large mushrooms and other fungi. The sky is turning purple and peach from all the toxins. The next dream is of me underground in a rat maze. Oversized rats meet me at every turn and give me bits of advice. My hair gets all knotty. I meet a troll who combs my knots out gently, using spray leave-in conditioner that Beth always uses. I cram for my next exam. I win several prizes. I am the king of the rally. These are my truest dreams.

Also, I am chewing gum over and over. When the flavor leaves the piece, I remove the gum from my mouth and put it on an unsuspecting co-worker. Over and over, more gum. I have ten packs today. I am hoping to surreptitiously place gum on everyone I work with.

I can't wait to begin my drinking today. I have vowed to wait until at least 3 before I suckle the wineskin.

Thank you for your time, once again. I love thee.


Necklace of Fire said...

I am wearing my brand new bra and it looks lovely. It covers everything well and gives good support and comfort. I like the rat maze. I want to be unfound in the rat maze and get advice about what is coming next. What is coming next?

Barney Hemstone said...

Once I brutally raped a girl I went to school with. She was smart, good at math. I had to do it because she had nice attractive lumps and curving slopes on her. I had to do it but now I am sure I learned my lesson. Please Necklace of Fire, you are tempting me back to my violence. Please stop speaking of your bra area.

Helene said...

congratulations to you. You should chew your gum fiercely to balance your tormented personality. I would like to make a suggestion however. You should really be eating the gum. you are a pussy and this is one way to show the hair on your chest. Get real,wimp.

Trina said...

Helen you are so gray and wasted, I feel sorry for you. You sound so wrinkled and at least 45. I am disgusted by your negativity!!! It makes you seem so untalented. MM is not a wimp. He is the king of disassociation. Necessary.

Math Wiz said...

Barney Hemstone, I never thought I would hear your name again. I am the girl you so brutally raped. You make me sick!! I am calling the campus police. I don't believe you learned your lesson.