Tuesday, March 08, 2005


Today I am not feeling so fresh. I was insulted earlier today by someone who said I should go out more. That I hide too much. This made Mountain Man sad. He is shy sometimes and wants to be alone. He is very self-protective. Sometimes he can't think of things to say. But trust me, his wit is nimble. Today I will look in the mirror and try to say uplifting things. I will mouth them to myself all day. YOU ARE OK KID!!! Is what I will start with.


lupus said...

mountain man by nature is reclusive. i think it is ok. but mirrors can be tricky friends

debbie said...

kid you are okay! You must believe in yourself and not go out anymore. It is a jungle out there. The couch is nice as is the tv. I often wonder why I ever leave my home. I guess the fatty arms are indicators that I should move around a little. Too bad.