Wednesday, February 16, 2005


My creamy coworker has a wrinkled brow. I had to vomit in my little recycling trash can this morning. Just a little. I did it quietly.

Nothing can break the waves of pleasure I am experiencing.

Thank you magic mushroom.
I love you and I love everyone.
I love my coworkers!
I love the dewdrop on the flower!
I love the scent of erasers!
I love the warmth of the paper when it comes forth from the copy machine!


Anonymous said...

mountain man, i would like to rock your body. you sound so enticing! yowza.

Anonymous said...

Me too! I love the warmth of copy paper fresh out of the shoot too! Could we be compatible?

mountain man said...

it is possible. But I have many hussies and am not in want.