Friday, February 04, 2005

Another thing I am in hate with.

I HATE women who have too many highlights and wear outfitty outfits and try to look me in the eye with a knowing pouncy look. I want to ridicule them. They are blights. Once, last night, I beheld a woman with striped hair and a New Jersey look. She wanted me to want her but I would not. I refused. Just as I refuse, weekly, to clean my rabbit hutch. My rabbit spills juice all over the hutch and I can't, I won't clean it. That's just how I am. I hope you still like me.


Anonymous said...

Mountain Man, from the sound of it, you should count yourself lucky that a New Jersey vixen should want you to want her. There are worse things in the world than stiped hair stumpets. For example:
1. Herpes
2. Lockjaw
3. Piles
4. Kidnappings
Maybe a woman like that would clean your rabbit hutch.

Anonymous said...

good freaking point! i stand corrected. i need help with my hutch, it's true.