Saturday, May 12, 2007


I am in hiding, incognito, preparing to go on the lam. I am going to cut all my hair off like Helen Slater in The Legend of Billie Jean. I am on a fake rampage wherein I will steal gum and sleep on a tuffet when I am not yelling (FB I admit it I am a yeller too) or wielding sticks in the wind.

I am visiting the parents this weekend and these are the things I think of. UF is in California, the bum. Why I didn't go is right now a mystery to me. I could have gone to a puppet show video festival thing in Joshua Tree where our video is being shown. But I didn't. I could have called the Capt'n to say ahoy.

Did you know that my life is verging on extreme pointlessness? Just curious. Does anyone else feel the same? I know this is a droning repetitive message but there it is. At least my nephew is super cute.


Frogs said...

This character Helen is someone not worth emulating. Tread lightly.

The Capt'n said...

Hi MM! Too bad about no California dreaming for you. We could be at San Onofre right now, paying homage to your patron bearded ladyman saint and seeing the actual face of god by catching the sweet waves. Then you'd know your life had meaning, just saying.

Next time & xo,


The Capt'n said...

You were in my dream last night, you were hanging out on my mom's front porch. That's all. Then you left before I could talk to you and I was sad. Apparently this is the extent of my imaginative powers. Better you should know now.

Martin said...

join the army with me.

mountain man said...

Capt'n! Sigh. No California dreaming is right. In fact, no dreaming of any kind due to insomnia, but whatever. I want to see the bearded ladyman almost as much as I want to see you.

Martin, I am not sure I would be a good soldier. I hate authority of any kind. But maybe we can do push-ups together some time. How are you?

I feel like I have boils on the inside of my head.

ham sandwich said...

Hey MM, I hope your stick in the wind is big and bad. Everything is pointless. That is why there is god. The god of humans eats into the consciousness into the raking disbelief of my curdled kinship. The family is another point to fight off pointlessness which can crumble and is sometimes tender. That's we snuggle. A koala bear cuddle.

mountain man said...

Ham sandwich, I miss you.