Saturday, March 03, 2007

Face in a Log

Hi. This morning this is me due to the persistent overuse of my face by myself and others. We have been scraping at it with rakes for some reason. Petrification is part of the goal. Anyway, this is me saying hi to you and good morning. There is a chance my identification with this face in a log may be due in part to ingestion of certain liquid toxins but I am not positive. It could also just be emotional. I am very emotional.


slothy said...

MM! from one log to another, may I say I am stirred deeply by your knots & whorls. The contour lines are probably a result of sleeping on corduroy and will fluff out quickly, but in the meantime they add interest and excitement.

myself I need a belt sander.

peeds said...

Shake it out MM. Try the Upward Leaning Bear move (with tie).

mountain man said...

Belt sanding! Good idea. There is so much interest & excitement for us to share and sand down. We can eat ho-hos as we do this.

I hope you are well today Slothers. Me, I am not altogether unwell.

mountain man said...

I will try it PD. First I must prance around my neighborhood nude (except for tie) in order to get limber. I can't wait to hurt the eyes of children with my dangly man bits.

slothy said...

Encase the man-bits in the ho-hos, mm, it will be a taste sensation! i'll be waiting outside with a plastic fork.

I am not entirely unwell today, though shortly NIPward-bound. would somebody please bonk me a good one on the noggin? with english... it has to last a few days.