Saturday, April 15, 2006

Shadow Puppets

With fangs and scales, and tongues protruding, we assume the confrontational stance. It is time for the reconciliation of truth or at least bombastic meta-harmonies. I am willing to in spite of apparent malformations. The ratio relationship of the pulverized self to the desire for wanton melding precludes the ability to immerse fully in the other. I am able mostly to intuit either dread or ecstasy. The puppets play out an inconsistent drama. The silhouettes are the hiding place.


The Capt'n said...

Sigh. Hearts.

Sushi Blameful said...

Your words bring much sun, Mountain. You make bright this dark isolation, though maybe shadow can become us. Shadows overlap, not immersion, but take same space, agreement with many lucks, confusion outside. A powerful silhouette, a diaphanous self, an emptying.

Regi said...

Left foot rises
higher higher
sways in a circle
one opportunity to fly
right foot numb
jerks up jerks up
falls gently to the floor
leaf buds watch intently
one opportunity to fly
feathered interlopers dance
to the twiterpated beat
leaf buds watch intently
one opportunity to fly
right foot is awake.

ham paw said...

Hi gummy bear!

mountain man said...

Hello friendly people of the early afternoon! I was in the shack until very late so I am shamefully just waking up. Hi Capt'n sweetie. Hi Sushi, what a beautiful thing you wrote in response. And Regi, did you write that? Someone else? Please tell. It's so lovely. What nice things to find today.

Hi Hams. Hams. Hams. I will see you later to celebrate your life in food.

Regi said...

MM, yes, I wrote that. Its going to be 70+ today and I get to play in the yard! Who likes flowers?

mountain man said...

I love flowers and yards. Have a spectular day. I really love what you wrote, I did not realize you were a poet. Impressed. Thanks for sharing.

bob said...

"precludes" really, you think it "precludes the ability to immerse in the other", because I was thinking, salt is a suspension, but saltwater is so soothing it seems pure. It may be an illusion but "wanton melding," fangs and tongues and all is desirable like a dip in the ocean.

bob said...

saltwater is a suspension, sorry

mountain man said...

Thanks Bob, you are right. It doesn't preclude, it complicates. It was late, my thoughts ran to isolation as they are wont to do, it is my prerogative as a Neo-Victorian depressive.

August, late August said...

The Earth is dirty. My soul is dirty. My desire is the one solace in a filthy world. All decays.

Froederick said...

The earth is no place for man. The self is merely a loose assemblage of pointless chards artificially united by the mind in a whole which cannot stand up to examination. We are doomed.

soft head said...

elementary particles are zoning in on my death-regions. i am taking notes.

Jesus Christ said...

Today is special. Don't forget me ...please!