Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Philip Guston is my dream date

"If This Be Not I." Early work, still kick ass. Shallow spaces, masks and theatrical social allegory. Inspired by Picasso, Di Chirico, Siqueiros and Rivera. Big ideas, big feelings, beautiful painting.


mountain man said...

I will continue with Part 2, THE VERY EXCITING PART, tomorrow. This is enough posting for one morning.

Fran said...


sloth said...

possible also a Max Beckmann influence?

MM, your brain is large... very, very large. xo

sloth said...

p.s. this is very exciting stuff for moi. guston feeds the sloth-soul... can't wait for more.

Jason said...

It is always great to trace his creative evolution - he is the most inspiring artist to me too.

Dora said...

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Could I have some more background information and meaning of this painting???
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thank you very much=)