Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Happy Turkey Head

Uncle Fritz and I are boarding a jet airliner for Florida tomorrow morning to visit his mother. Today is for gathering the dust and harvesting the dashes before the onslaught of migrations. Krakow must be airlifted to his donkey hotel and I must purchase sand-worthy footwear in the style of Jesus of Nazareth and camouflaging corn patches to cover a world of hurt on my sore dogs.

What I will not do while in Florida:

1. Wear a bathing suit in any way
2. Smile too broadly
3. Poison anyone (promise!!)

I am hoping to move around a bit possibly as it's been weeks since MM has seen any movement in the muscle regions. Very pale, very flap-aroundy. Very un-masculine.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of my favorite superpowers:

FB, HP, PD, Sloth, Krix, Lupis/Lupin/Lupus, Chimney Sweep and everyone else. Muchos Gracias for you.


Depressive Disorder said...

I am worsening each day.

fairy butler said...

worship the sun, worship the turkey mm. duck dance. fly about with outstretched arms.

luckily i am holding fast this gobble gobble. the clan is worshipping meat with pals at another abode. the arthur people are coming too and the home world needs much readying. an institutional color was applied to a room which must be removed. i am getting out my caulk gun again and again. soap dishes and clean and fluffy linens. yes.

why must it be so dreary today. butler- can you not part the clouds today?!

fairy butler said...

oh, sorry i meant cock gun.

hammy said...

Happy Thanksgiving Mountain man and uncle fritz! Have many naps and treats!

Sushi Blameful said...

Most sickening jowls. Blameful head this fowl.
Besides. Mountain, Sushi may not be near most, instead think around. Thanks are you, Mountain, blameless. Concentrate beauty. Much sun in focus.

krixfort said...

Happy Turkey MM. Hope your time with the geriatric set is an excercise in relaxation! Be wary of seniors bearing canned cranberry sauce.

lupus said...

yeah eating!

sloth said...

Most handsome MM, Slothy salutes you in your travels. For us, the fowl day was spent in the Great American Rust Belt. Wonderful nieces and nice foods aside, it was mostly pass-the-razor-blades time. It is so good, so very very good, to be back home in Sodom and Gomorrah! Yay here!

p.s. Heartfelt, if silent, thanks were given for the blog-buds.

Cackle Fits said...

Hi, I am approaching re-entry and anticipating smoothest of sailing in the sky, on the waters and on the land. Calmness reigns, the entire attitude is turning Buddhist. However I am prone to cackling fits I cannot control, when alone or in groups.

I hope everyone had lovely times. The loveliest of times.

Armed Sentry said...

You do not seem Buddhist to me. Be careful. Watch what you say and who you pretend to be. The skies are harmful, the earth is filled with harm and the waters, I cannot begin to tell you how horror-ridden they can be.

Porridge Smeared on the Window said...

Come on. Come here. Come take a nice big fat lick. I am hardened stale porridge on the window of life. Come to me. I am waiting.