Sunday, November 06, 2005


I have decided to post images of my drawings. It is a little scary, the first time I am posting my own work. They were made within the last 6 months or so, pen on paper. I suppose it is self-promotive but I am thinking so much about drawing lately - I am looking a lot at the god-like Van Gogh, Da Vinci, Bellmer and Egon Schiele. How the pictorial marks can be descriptive, notational, atmospheric, or remnants of internal, unconscious states. How combinations of different types of marks can tangle, clot, cohere and fragment. I want spaces that are almost over-saturated with tumbling accumulative marks. I need to push them further I think or something. I am working on some more drawings now that are less horizon-dependent and more turbulent, denser, but still referencing the landscape, anchored to reality somehow. I will post those when I am done maybe. Thank you for indulging my need to share...I gotsta go be with my family today, packing a huge amount of items into a large suitcase to end up tomorrow in front of the clients to do a demonstration of some kind that is not worth explaining. Suffice it to say I don't really know what I am doing and need more sleep. Kisses, MM


Anonymous said...

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Heart As Arena said...

Let's see. How do I say this in a measured and polite manner? Oh, wait. I don't . . . FUCK YEAH, Mountain Man!!! What a nice gift on Sunday morning.

fairy butler said...

Yay to MM! While they are even better in the real time-space continuum they look pretty sweet online too!!

fairy butler said...

and yes, heart, i agree, what a nice gift for a sunday morn.

sloth said...

Yay MM! The universe-vibrations have been fully expressed in these beauties. Also, they bring to mind the landscapes in Van Eyck's paintings, which i love. Hearts and kudos to you!

Mountain Man said...

Thank you nice ones, many thanks. I am performing the rituals of fire-eating with my forefathers. I am very very grateful for your hearts and kind art thoughts.

krixfort said...

hiya MM!

I am particularly liking the first one. I keep getting sucked into the dark spaces, in a good way, that is.

hammy said...

Rock on MM! beautiful!!!! And even better in person. Its good to see them here!

Pete said...

These are great. Thanks for showing them.

Anonymous said...

kick ass!!!

martin said...

Something Bellini about the final two. But where is St. Francis? Where is St. Jerome?

Thanks, Mountain Man!!!

Mountain Man said...

Thank you Martin! I like to think the figures are subsumed into the landscape. I used to paint figures then they left. They had to go, they said bye bye.

lupin said...

So great of you to share your work! These drwaings look outstanding. I got a taste of them a bit back and was so excited. Seeing them in person also lets you in on the dark cavern inlets which are weaved together with dark hatches and indentions of line. It's dark matter to be subsumed into.

Painter said...

Hi MM nice drawings. Thanks for sharing them with me I wish I could see them in person because I think they would be even greater in person very dreamy and beautiful lines.

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