Friday, October 07, 2005

Banal Dilemma

Here they are, in a realer sense than usual. Here are the possibilities for action this day. I know. It's already getting late in the morning. But if I don't write them down and choose now, I could sit and wonder inertly for at least another hour which would be gravely not good.

1. Go straight to the studio and try to paint. Teaching preparation has been draining my time away for weeks. Have not painted enough lately. Pay studio rent (this month's and last's....oopsy daisy).

2. Go straight to the studio and re-shoot certain paintings that turned out yellowy in the last round of digital snapping. Burn CD of high res jpegs for the people who may or may not be interested but I hope they might be interested. This could be a good option seeing as I have nothing on the horizon, in terms of showing my work. The hoards are not flocking to me. It is time to reach out once again and hope for excitement in the form of cash money and debilitating offers.

3. Go to yoga, then go to studio and choose option 1 or 2.

4. Read student homeworks. Write helpful, really really helpful comments. Prepare for next week's classes.

5. Go to Chelsea and see many shows that I have not yet seen.

OK!!!! I have decided. Number 1 seems like the most fun and the most capacity for head-in-the-dirt. Perhaps Number 3 can be worked in later. I will wash the dirts out of my hairs later before I reveal myself in the wilds of the forest this evening. My outfit of choice is a gas man's one-piece. No stains, except in the pits. Steaks will be placed on foots for urban tromping. Fake teeth will be inserted to replace the decaying green ones. Fake smiles will come to my face. Torrential rains of meaningless chopper will burst forth from my gummy gape. I may bite, I may not.


mountain man said...

Jennifer Dalton has generated a test for artists to see how they live. Go to to take it.

sloth said...

Survey taken, o scruffy one. Best of lucks au shaq today.

krixfort said...

may the force be with you, yo.

pd said...

Yay for the shack / studio choice!!! Go forth and schmear!

mountain man said...

I have so much love in my gonads for you, my friends. Do not be afraid.

The shack was wonderful today. Not tons accomplished, but just a happy satisfied feeling. Lots of looking. Painting is good. It's so for me. I looked at pictures of 18th century embroidery and stone carvings from Scotland. The Picts. Many patterns revealed themselves. Patterns and clefts, bumps and folds. Squiggles and tendrils. Making me very thrilled to have eyes.

fairy butler said...

Yes, mm, the shack was good to me also. new relics in the making. plus the pillows have a future. arthur suggests an overflowing pillow installation in the basement with all the crap furniture and low ceilings. in that neglected room. we will document with photos. real cats will participate perhaps.?

good to hear you had a good day too!

needleandthread said...

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