Sunday, April 24, 2005

Turning From One Into The Other

I cannot really dwell on the degree of suffering that we are experiencing due to lack of ability to comment and lack of ability to commune and intone. TERROR is what I am feeling, truly bad, truly inadequate.

First, I must say that tonight was a successful meeting of monstrousness and kindness. There were the moments of song, the moments of hand dancing, the delivery of speech impedimentation and the tunes from prior generations played at a low level in the background, insinuating violence.

Happy to meet you. Happy to have made your aquaintance. I am you and you are a lizard. You are a rapist. This is fine. You will don rape pants and prance like a donkey, sneaking upon your victims with faux entrancement language, like I am doing to you now. Watch yourself. A rape may happen without warning. I know this is not a joke, it is nothing funny to make light of.

We are still wondering what is sexy. It is opaque and dull and not for us to know now.




mountain man said...


mountain man said...

OHMYGOD!!!! It is back. Maybe only temporary. What relief. RELIEF!!!

Cheez Wizard said...

It is so such a relief. I love your cheeks. I miss your swine smell you hairy love-raft.

Veronica said...

I could cry, I am so happy to see you!!! Or read you!!! It's hard to know how to describe such vivid and unique feelings.

Herbert said...

Beauty and joy! Please make a new post!!

Mother said...

Oh MM, I am overjoyed. I know how angst-worth you were getting lately. I was worried your swellings and gulps were returning. Nice boy.


your mum

fooey said...

thank god you are back. i was in serious withdrawal.

Veronica said...

cheez wizard, are you in possession of fake cheez or real?

Cheez Wizard said...

My cheez is bright orange for starters. For enders it starts powdery and gets reconstituted with saliva. So what do you think I am, real or fake?

How about your boobs?