Wednesday, March 02, 2005


I have died inside from sitting very still in a beige cubicle. i have come home to more death. THE DEATH OF MY MOUSE!
He is curled up still behind the garbage pail in the kitchen. The trap is turned over and his little cheese nugget is missing.
I'm crying!!


blog said...

so sorry to hear! another rodent death in your family!

krixfort said...

I'm sorry to hear about your heinous beige cubicle. Outside of that cubicle you still have artistic thoughts which I enjoy immensely. Thanks you for making my jail time so much more endurable.

And I'm sorry to hear about your pet.

hanial said...

To and for the Mountain Man
You have made our lives better, enriched us as individuals and provided a community forum in which to communicate our deepest fears and ecstacies. We sing your praises, support your endeavors and feel your pain. Survive the Beige, Survive the Boring, Climb the highest Mountain, Man.

darling said...


krixfort said...

Mountain Man, there is a cacophany of troll voices surrounding me at this very moment. They are very loud and discomforting. I'm kinda scared.

Mountain sprite said...

Fortress of Krix
Do not be scared. Do not give them the towels. Let the soggy little beasts wallow in their noise and debt. Until they pay, they will not be safe. Be strong.

mountain man said...

Heads up! The trolls are everywhere! There is no making it. There is only wallowing! We must run!