Monday, March 14, 2005


Thanks Eye of the Tiger!!!! I know it was you who put some oomph in my day. What is better than getting a blow job under your desk from a hot co-worker. She is my kind of hussy. The kind who likes danger. I am feeling oceans of time better now after that rich oral experience. THANK YOU TAMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU TIGER EYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


base said...

Just throw some vodka on it and oh hell yeah, work that cock!

Proletariat said...

Eye oomph
vicky says hi
she really likes your hussydom
deskworker playtime yeah
vodka's for Ruskies

Vicky said...

You communist motherf@#%r.
Leave me out of this
Are you insane?

I do love cock though.

Mountain man said...

Vodka and c*ck. Sounds like a wreck of a combination. I will bring some vodka to work in honor of your suggestion. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!! I hope Tammy is wearing her ho outfit today. Then I know I will be able to get some again.

plaintiff said...

you are so lucky MM! I have none of those perks! Only drudgery and coldness. How do you do it?