Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Sore Bum

Why? I am chained to reality.


Anonymous said...

I am sure your bum is sore from bizarre rituals. I have seen you in your apartment. I stare at you from across the way. I see all. I am afraid.

timmy said...

I too have seen you. Your rituals are as bizarre as they come, and I too am afraid. An elf has just said, "Blisters of Blosters," and I knew what he meant. Now I am scared. Can you help?
Do you know what I need?

vivienstarkweather said...

I know you prabably thinking that I have written too much to you today but since I doent get outside too often on account of the Chair I spent a lot of time today thinking of some of the things that you said. I also just wanted to say that I doent think that after I have told you so much about how bad I feel sometimes that you should be making fun of Sore Bums. I can forgive you for not knowing so much about me that you would know that I had also been Homeless before, but that was a long time ago before they gave me the medicine. Because I didnt have a Nice House and Cars and Television Sets i was very sad often.