Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Pants Off

I took them off at my desk. I don't have any underwear on. It feels good though, I hope I don't get caught. I am a little chilly, but I feel free.


Anonymous said...

just like pitchfork accept she smells like canal street during a heat wave

fairy butler said...

anonymous thing.... do you have problems? did someone hurt your feelings? I sense an unpure aura.

alec said...

anonymous, you can't spell you dummy!!! you mean except not accept. why are you all about coming down hard on krixfort? you are a sad sample. but i wouldn't mind it if you spanked me with that spoon. that sounds like fun on a bun.

krix-the-a##-kicker-fort said...


if you have the GUTS to meet me face to face I will zap you with a tazer so hard. . .and then I will run.

I used to be a pacifist. No more, Anonymous. no more.

P.S. Anonymous, are you in the same jail as I am? You seem familiar.

alec said...

anonymous, you seem like a dreadful person. however, i am still waiting for my spanking. i will meet you in the men's room. i'll bring some mouthwash in case your breath is as foul as i think it is.