Tuesday, March 15, 2005

A message to me.

I met a strange person on my lunch break. He asked me a series of questions.
Here they are:

1. Are you eccentric and adventurous?
2. Are you single?
3. Is your wife a garbage collector?
4. Where would you like to live the most in the entire world?

This has cheered me up.


Curry said...

How did you answer?

mountain man said...

I was nervous already because my coffee was spilling due to trembling. I said no to single (Beth, I expect a reward.) New york (please note, not brooklyn), yes to adventure and yes to the garbage collector. I was feeling really anxious because people were looking at me earlier and I was guessing that I had chili stuck in my beard.

Curry said...

I thought you didn't have a beard yet. You are gooey. I feel like a porpoise. That was a lot of German on the other post. I wish I understood German. All I can say is "Nein."

Tubby said...

I feel like a porpoise too. All I ate today was a Snickers bar. I like Krixfort. She must be interesting.

Anonymous said...

a porpoise pie sounds good