Wednesday, February 16, 2005


I am a gentle man who wants to live peacefully with the flowers. I am on my way to an awakening of sorts. My donkey wants love and why shouldn't I offer it up? There have been some negative types commenting on my blog. I don't want to censor anyone. (I believe in freedom) but my hope is that I can share the rainbow pleasures of the mushroom with everyone.

Please join me in raising up the glory of art.


Damian said...

Hey what gives. You seem to hate all these people all these other artists who you don't understand. but you're getting all bent out of shape when others get negative on your blog. How about embracing a little violence? I don't mean getting all crazy and killing kittens or something (love kittens please don't). But maybe you need to release your violence a little, through your art perhapse. I release mine through music (i play guitar) and it makes me feel much better. So stop trying to control the posters on your blog and start taking control or your own life. You and your commenters will have more fun that way! Cheers

Sprinkles said...

I don't think mountain man really hates anyone, death rock man. I think you are the true hater. But really, this blog is not about love or hate. It's about biting. Isn't that right mountain man?

mountain man said...

Thank you sprinkles! I love biting as I have mentioned before. But I remain afraid of being bitten.

I am curdling inside.

Sprinkles said...

You are curdling? Does your skin have yellowish tint to it? Are your eyes droopy? Do you have bad breath? If so, this could indicate that you do indeed have liver damage. I am a doctor of sorts.