Thursday, February 03, 2005

There are so many people I love and hate at the same time.

Now for some good stuff. Uh-huh. I hated the Cecily Brown show. I find her work to be antiquated and vulgar, but not in a good way. The pictorial information is dispersed too evenly throughout the canvas. There is nothing to grab onto, no focus, no purpose. The only painting I slightly liked was the lovely greeny. Although all I liked about it was the shade of green she chose and the hideous fleshly pink that contrasted it. For someone with such supposed vigor and dash she is actually very timid when it comes to paint application or variation of surface. I know she is pretty to some and is obviously a good socialite. I am not blind. I know how far this can get you in the artworld. But I think it's time she be forcibly removed for good. What I am proposing is the removal and destruction of all of her canvases from Gagosian. Who will join me? I am in a foul mood today!!!! I cannot button the top button of my dungarees and I must go out this evening!!!!!!! Back to the bulimia for me, I guess. Did you know that not many males suffer from bulimia? I am one of the sad ones. A victim of the world, in my estimation.


Anonymous said...

I totally agree. Lets get rid of her! She is excessive, stupidly stylish. Her paintings lack "authenticity" and conviction. She shoots out goo. They are controlled, contrived, lazy.
I am sorry to hear about your bulimia. I think Cecily Brown's paintings have bulimic tendencies.

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